Perfect Pearl

Perfect Pearl

This intimate photo book in a signed, numbered edition of 250 copies, features truly fantastic spreads. Thanks to a folding technique that is as simple as it is effective, this becomes an interplay between different layers of experience: online and offline, inner and outer world, dream and reality. Perfect Pearl has a sewn binding in a cover with grooves, which is then quarter-folded to give a format of 170×280 mm. Intimate details remain hidden behind the fold, and can be seen only once the pages have been completely unfolded. This fold results in beautiful combinations of images – each page is as surprising as the last and we feel that we just have to keep on unfolding.’ Best Dutch Book Design


Perfect Pearl book (Last copies)

Edition of 250 signed and numbered

Publishing date: April 2022

Selection of 80 photo’s, 60 pages

18,5 cm x 28 cm, Special folding design

Design by Eva van der Schans/ In Edition

Printed by Die Keure, Brugge

Self published